Our Club


The Kildare Toastmasters club was founded in 2004. many of our founding members are still with us today.

We meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month upstairs at the Silken Thomas in Kildare Town.

Our Typical meeting involves the following

  • The Seargent at Arms opens the meeting with a quick introduction to the Toastmasters Organisation, and welcomes members and guests
  • The Club President gives opening address, welcomes guests, and introduces the Toastmaster for the evening
  • The Toastmaster (who chairs the meeting) opens the meeting,  and introduces the various roles that give the meeting its structure
  • The Grammarian introduces the ‘word of the day’ and describes role of counting crutch words, and assessing the general grammatical standard of speakers
  • The Time keeper is introduced to time speeches and Speech Evaluators
  • Normally 2 to 3 speeches are made along with their evaluations in the first half the meeting. Each Speaker has a given learning objective (depending on the CC or CL manual level she/he is pursuing). Once the speeches are completed each is evaluated by another member of the club
  • Refreshments are served at the midpoint and a chance to mingle and catch up with others
  • The second half of our meeting commences with the Topics Master, chairing an impromptu questions and answers session (not to include guests) and encourages members to give 1-2 minute off-the-cuff speeches on topics pre-selected by the topics master. Guests are welcome to volunteer and contribute to the topics session if they wish. The session lasts for approx 25 minutes
  • The General Evaluator evaluates the meeting and each of the Speech Evaluators
  • The Vice President of Education makes club announcements
  • The President is then invited by the toastmaster to make any necessary announcements
  • The meeting is brought to a close by the toastmaster.