The Leader within

At Toastmasters, we don’t just help you develop your communication skills, we also help you with unearthing those leadership talents within. Whether it is chairing a toastmasters meeting, delivering the table topics for guests and members to speak about or organising events, our Toastmaster club can help you do that and much more. And it is recognised too – far and wide. A hearty congratulations to Mary Reynolds who recently received a Select Distinguished award for her role as area director at the Black Cat Conference in Wyboston Lakes, England. Many thanks too to Adrian Melia for attending this year’s conference on our behalf where there was an exchange of many wonderful ideas among fellow Toastmaster leaders.

So allow the leader within you come to the fore. Join us at Toastmasters Kildare!

A different type of Christmas Gift

Christmas speeches are often expected as part of workplace celebrations or they may be included in a family get together on Christmas day. You could turn the speech you give into a gift by keeping it short, simple and sincere. How can you achieve this? Well, there are plenty of ways to learn at Kildare Toastmasters, such as; knowing your audience, knowing what the purpose of your Christmas speech will be, where is it being delivered, and how to organise the introduction, body and conclusion, and finally how to ensure the right message gets across.

You can avoid the dread of public speaking by joining your local Toastmaster’s club in Kildare and discover that it is no so difficult. And you know what they say….practice makes perfect.

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