Farewell to Toastmaster Adrian Melia – Goodbye my friend goodbye

Farewell to Toastmaster Adrian Melia

Today we bid farewell to our great friend Adrian Melia who died following a long battle with cancer. Our Toastmasters family is diminished greatly with his passing.  We are the better from having known him as our friend and as a wonderful inspiration to all.

Adrian was like a little boy standing on the shores of a lake skimming stones on the surface of the water. He took delight in the ripples he could make and the number of times he could make each stone bounce. You can be sure he did not pick flat stones. You can be sure that he rubbed his hands with glee as he made the ripples ever wider.

It was great that you lived your life on your own terms. You lived your life in full. You refused to back down in the face of adversity. You packed more life into a minute than most people could fit into a day. You set a new bar for life that we should all aspire to. We salute you.

Our twice monthly meeting will never be quite the same again. The absence of your quick wit and your sharp sense of perspective will leave a void which will take quite a time to fill. It is a true tribute to you that we will struggle to reach your heady heights once again.

Your Toastmaster family will miss you dearly my friend.


Adrian Melia with Eilish McCormack, David Clinton,Eileen Loughman, Maureen McCowen, Lorraine Howard,Paul McCowen and Mary Caulfield

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